CodeIgniter is framework which is follow the MVC architecture.
MVC means – Model , View and Cotroller.

Model : It is represents for data structures. It is help to retrieve, insert and update information in our database.

View : In generally View is for web page. In CodeIgniter it can be frame like header,footer , RSS feed page.

Controller : It is intermediate between model and view.It can be helpful for generated or process the web page.

The Goal of CodeIgniter :

– maximum performance
– Capability
– flexibility
– Lightest possible package

This will be download from the website :

and , download the zip file form that site.

1) unzip that file.
2) place that folder in the your www folder.
3) Run like : http://localhost/codeigniter/
4) In the application directory – config folder – config.php file
5) change the baseurl at this page.
6) in the same directory – open databse.php file to confige the database to our applications.

Hope it will be helpful.

Thank You

Anil Kumar